Weekends seem…

To get the better of me! I have a hard time keeping up with these posts. It’s like Friday rolls around and Mr. Happy Wife is off work and I can’t sit down to make any posts. I still think about my resolutions and upholding them. This post is coming later than usual. My day sure did get away from me.

9/15 Month 1 Resolutions:
1. Go to sleep earlier, shoot for 8 hours: YES, I had 9 hours.
2. Exercise 3-4 times a week, schedule this into my week: Nope…
3. Toss, restore, organize, 10 minutes a day: I did tackle adding more yarn to the stash.
4. Tackle a nagging task: YES, I signed up for a trip to Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago in November and I started the 1st Sookie Stackhouse novel, it something I’ve had downloaded on my Kindle forever and finally “opened.” I love to pick up a new book!
5. Act more energetic: YES, this is what gets me through long days!
6. Follow Weight Watchers: not today šŸ˜¦

I have found myself struggling to feel motivated again. I need to continue to look at each day as the start of a new project and not think about having to uphold things, just start them again.

It’s Menu Monday!!

I’ve scoured my pinterest page and come up with the following tasty treats to try!

Monday:Ā Stuffed Flank SteakĀ from Family Circle online

Tuesday:Ā Greek Tortellini SaladĀ from Maria & Josh’s blogĀ Two Peas & Their Pod

Wednesday: Leftovers šŸ™‚

Thursday:Ā White Cheese and Chicken LasagnaĀ from the Tasty Kitchen blogĀ posted by Laurie fromĀ Simply Scratch

Friday:Ā Balsamic Roast Beef French Dip SandwichesĀ from Robyn atĀ Add a Pinch

Bonus: As a treat, Mr. HW wants a sweet for the house. I’ve got some leftover bananas that are not good by themselves and there is no room in the freezer for them, so what could be tastier thanĀ Monkey SquaresĀ from Christy’s blogĀ The Girl Who Ate Everything

Updates on last week’s menu?
I think the last thing to talk about was theĀ Take-Out, Fake-Out Beef & Broccoli (Crockpot)Ā from Julie’s blogĀ Table For Two. Wow! Those were delicious and so simple to make. I went a little heavy on the garlic and light on the broccoli. I wish I would have put in more broccoli. I also wish I would have blanched it first since it was so fresh and a little too crunchy. Here is how mine looked in the crockpot:

photo (65)

I was not quick enough to get a picture of the serving over rice. I think Mr. and I were too hungry šŸ™‚ I was lucky to get this shot!

So for this week’s list, here is the one I started next to my bed last night…It has continued to grow throughout the day.

photo (66)

Alright, it is certainly late enough and I have an early day tomorrow! If I don’t post this now, I’m not going to get my 8 hours!

Last thought, in Gretchen Rubin’sĀ The Happiness Project she makes herself a paper resolutions chart where she checks off each day. I think that may be more motivating. I may have to add that to my list šŸ™‚

Still much to-do,




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